Credit for Prior Learning

What is Credit for Prior Learning?  dental hygiene student viewing teeth xrays

We want to give you the credit that you deserve whether that is for military service, on-the-job experience and training, life experience, or through various examinations such as CLEP and AP.  Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) provides students with the opportunity to earn credit for college-level learning acquired outside of a structured classroom.  To qualify, students must demonstrate college-level knowledge and competencies that meet course-specific learning outcomes.  CPL may be granted based on the judgment of credentialing experts in the specific discipline.  Credit may be awarded through a variety of assessment methods which are outlined below.  Starting in May 2023 requests for credit via departmental exam or portfolio must be submitted with a CPL Request form.  Other credits are requested by submitting the official test scores, program completion paperwork, or transcripts to GHC during the Admissions process or to if submitted after admission is granted.

How does Credit for Prior Learning work?

Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) can be obtained through a variety of methods:

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