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Rebrand of USG core curriculum to ensure that students acquire essential knowledge in foundational academic areas and develop career-ready competencies.

  • By using meaningful names, this will help students find more benefits in the core curriculum
  • Easier transfer process within USG schools
  • More than just a checklist, something that IMPACTS their lives

Career-Ready Competencies

  • Showcases the three skills for each new category
  • Provides advisors with the USG guidelines for how to describe the benefits of each field to students
  • Assists faculty with describing other disciplines outside of their own


  • New titles define the core curriculum more clearly than the previous undefined Areas A-F
  • Increases transfer efficiency within the USG - across all majors/programs
  • Three career-ready competencies are assigned to each section
  • Generate interest and excitement with titles vs. areas
  • Former Area A & E restructured to separate Math & English and better define legislative requirement

Former Core Curriculum (Areas) Core IMPACTS
Area A Separated to Mathematics and Communicating in Writing
Area B Institution Priority
Area C Arts, Humanities, & Ethics
Area D Technology, Mathematics, & Sciences
Area E Separated to Political Science & US History and Social Sciences
Area F Field of Study
Institutional Requirements Outside the Core (PHEDs) Institutional Requirements Outside the Core (PHEDs)