Academic Class Registration

Registration for Academic Classes

Registration is the process of enrollment in academic class sections for a specific semester term. To verify your registration in classes you should print a copy of your schedule/charges when you register for classes. This may be printed at any student kiosk on any campus or at and select the “Schedule/Charges” link from any computer with internet access. We do not mail schedules or bills.

New Students who have completed the applications process will be notified of orientation times in which advisement and registration for academic classes occur. These sessions are scheduled on all Georgia Highlands College campuses during daytime and evening hours.

Returning students who have not attended Georgia Highlands College for more than one year prior to their re-entry must reapply and submit official transcripts from any post-secondary institution attended during their absence from Georgia Highlands College. Returning students may register online (if no holds) or with the Advisor at their campus.

Continuing Students may register during announced registration periods for each semester. The SCORE web registration is available for students who have no academic restrictions (holds) or financial obligations (fines, fees, etc) to the College. Selecting “view holds” on your student records in SCORE will identify any financial obligations or academic restrictions for web registration.

International Students: Due to liability issues, the high cost of medical care in the United States, and overtures by the United States government to mandate this, Georgia Highlands College requires government or program-sponsored health and accident coverage (insurance) for all students in Fl Visa status who attend classes at any of our college locations. The cost of this insurance will be billed directly to your account each semester, at the time of registration. It affords good coverage at a reasonable cost for international students and serves many other colleges and universities. If you have personal coverage through your government or a specific program (like Rotary International), and would like to apply for an exemption to the school plan, you may do so up until two weeks before the beginning of the semester.

Pre-requisite Requirements: A student may not register for a class for which they have not met pre-requisite requirements except in rare instances with special permission. Students should consult their catalog for course requirements. If a student believes they are eligible for enrollment in a section in which they have been denied registration due to pre-requisite error, the student should contact the Registrar’s Office on the Rome Campus.

Waitlist is an option for students who wish to enroll in class sections that have no open seats. No fees are assessed to the student account at the time a student waitlists a section. It is the student’s responsibility to check their schedule/charges periodically in order to determine if they have been registered in the class section. As seats become available in a section, students who are waitlisted will be registered in the order in which they were received for registration. If registered, fees are assessed to the student’s account, and class schedules will be dropped if the student does not pay fees for the added section, if applicable. If no seats become available for the desired section and no new section is created, you will be dropped from the waitlist for the section with no penalty.

Registration times are listed in the printed schedule of classes in the Academic Advisement section and may also be found on the Georgia Highlands College website.

Registration Cancellation for non-payment of fees: If you do not pay fees by the announced fee payment deadline, your schedule will be dropped.

Students who have applied for financial aid of any type (loans, scholarships or grants) will not be dropped from classes. If you do not plan to attend classes, you must complete a Student Withdrawal Request Form to formally withdraw from the college. Failure to do so may result in your receiving an F or WF grade, and you will be charged for those classes. If you receive a letter from Financial Aid stating that you are ineligible for aid, you must still complete the withdrawal form if you do not plan to attend classes.

Fee Assessment: Fees are assessed per semester hour, based on a scale of up to 15 hours. Some courses carry course participation fees or required fees for the class. If your admissions acceptance letter states that you are classified for residency as an out-of-state student, you will be charged out-of-state fees. Students should complete the GA residency petition if he/she expects to pay in-state resident fees. Students who reside in Cherokee County, AL are assessed GA resident fees after submitting the certified form from the Cherokee County Clerk of Court’s Office, stating that they are a Cherokee County resident. See Printable Forms.