Hardship Withdrawals

To apply for a hardship withdrawal, students must complete the Hardship Withdrawal Application form.

This form may be obtained in the Office of the Provost on the Floyd Campus OR from any Administrative Office at any campus location OR online.

Hardship situations must be non-academic in nature. If the hardship withdrawal is not approved, the student will receive the course grade earned.

If a student is withdrawing due to a hardship situation, such as a personal injury or illness, family injury, illness or death, or an employer-initiated job change, they must submit a written statement and documentation of their hardship situation to the Provost for review. If the situation is deemed a hardship, the grade of “W” will be assigned. The possibility that the student will fail a course is not considered a hardship.

Hardship withdrawals must be filed by the end of the academic semester immediately following the academic semester for which hardship status is sought.

If a student is considering dropping a course but needs advice to determine if their situation is indeed a hardship situation, they should contact an advisor at their campus location for assistance.


  1. Complete the attached Hardship Withdrawal Application Form, including signature.
  2. Provide a written explanation of the hardship situation.
  3. Provide documents to support request.
  4. Attach the explanation and documentation to the form.
  5. Submit the forms to the Office of the Provost. Forms may be submitted to the Administrative offices at any campus location, and they will be forwarded to the Office of the Provost. For convenience, these forms can be mailed to Georgia Highlands College, Office of the Provost, 5441 Hwy 20 NE, Cartersville, GA 30121 OR faxed at 678-872-8068 OR emailed to GHChardshipwithdrawal@highlands.edu. If you have questions, please call the Provost’s office at 678-872-8140.

Students are notified by U.S. mail of the decision rendered.