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GHHU 2901 The Gothic

GHHU 2901: Special Topics in Humanities

The Gothic: The Undead, Walking Dead, and Really Dead



Course Description

This course will explore the evolution of Gothic literature and film from the 1700s to modern day (2 credit hours).

Zombie Bride


This web-based class will be delivered via D2L. The class will “meet” at least 2 times during the semester using Zoom, a video chat program free to GHC students. Multiple days and times as well as an alternate assignment will available for required meetings and students can choose which they prefer.

Course Materials

There will be no required textbook for this course. Literature and videos will be assigned from various online resources, including GALILEO.  Students will be required to locate and watch one feature-length film chosen from a list of several options available through public libraries and/or for a minimal cost at various online venues.

Course Overview

Unit 1: Building Medieval Ruins

Unit 2: Genre, Genre Everywhere

Unit 3: Gothic Goes Hollywood


Tentative Course Assignments


 Gothic Elements Websites: Each student will trace the evolution of one Gothic element from its origins to modern incarnations. Students will share this information with the class as a single html webpage that will be posted in D2L. For students who don’t have a lot of experience creating web pages, step-by-step instruction will be available.

            Group Project: In small groups of 3-4, students will explore an assigned topic, synthesizing course materials and additional research. They will present this information as a short collaboratively-written PowerPoint presentation. (Student grades will be invidually determined despite working as a group.)

            Film vs. Literature Project: Students will chose one Gothic work that has been adapted to film and/or television. They will create a detailed comparison of the two, sharing their findings via formal presentation. Presentations will be completed using video chat.


*In addition to the major assignments, students will be expected to complete reading assignments, watch videos, and participate in online discussions. *                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Gothic churchtops