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GHHU 2901 King Arthur

GHHU 2901: Special Topics in Humanities

The Legends of King Arthur: Medieval to Modern



Course Description

Exploration of the legends of King Arthur with an examination of its relevance to culture and creative expression via literature, visual art, and film. This course is an Area B elective. 


This web-based class will be delivered via D2L. Students are expected to log in 2-3 times each week and complete work by the posted deadlines.

Course Materials

There will be no required textbook for this course. Literature and visual art will be assigned from The Camelot Project @ the University of Rochester . Additional course content will come from assigned videos available via Films on Demand (database of videos available through the GHC library) and other free, web-based sources. Students will be required to locate and watch one feature-length film based on the Arthurian Legend. Many films are available through public libraries and/or for a minimal cost at various online venues.

Course Overview

Unit 1: Medieval Beginnings (Literature and Visual Art)

Unit 2: From Malory to Tennyson and Waterhouse (Literature and Visual Art)

Unit 3: A Medieval King in a Modern World

-The Quest for the Historical “Real” King Arthur

-King Arthur Goes to Hollywood

-Where else is he hiding? (Children’s Literature, Comics, Theme Parks, etc.)