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Online ENGL 2122

Web-Based ENGL 2122... 

  • is designed for those who need flexibility in their schedule and are self-motivated
  • requires at least a minimum comfort level with email and D2L
  • teaches basics of literary analysis and continues the Freshman Composition focus on improving writing skills
  • explores literature written in the British Empire between the late 1700s and mid-twentieth century
  • typically involves 5-12 hours of student work each week
  • has set due dates, but schedule flexibility because students can work ahead when needed and only need to log-in twice weekly
  • requires no on-campus meetings (mandatory meetings with instructor are completed via Collaborate)
  • ENGL 1102 is the only prerequisite for this course. Students do NOT need to take British Literature I before taking this course

Victorian Factory

Since it is impossible to cover all Romantic, Victorian and Modern British literature in a single semester, each instructor must “filter” the selections that are covered. We will read and write about monsters, ghosts, goblins, wizards, time travel and more. This period is one of rapid change from the old world order to a modern one, and many authors used sensational elements in their writing as they tried to make sense of the dizzying changes in science, technology and society that they were experiencing.

Required Materials

  1. Required Textbook: The Norton Anthology of English Literature, 10th ed. (Vols. D, E and F only) 978-0-393-60313-2
  2. Internet Access—at home or school
  3. Microsoft Office or equivalent word processing program

Tentative Assignments

  • 2 or 3 Literary Analysis Essays (2 pages each)
  • Journal Club (written analysis of a scholarly journal article with a small group presentation of same analysis)
  • Online Weekly Discussion
  • Comprehensive Final Essay Exam (4-5 pages)

**The number and type of assignments in this list is subject to change.  This list is intended as a general guide only.**

Am I ready for an online class? Will you be successful in this course?

If this is your first online course, I would highly recommend that you take the Readiness for Education At a Distance Indicator (READI) to assess your readiness, your goals, and your learning preferences.

You can find the READI at

On that page you will find several User Names and Passwords.  Select and use the one that best fits your major area of study.  When the READI opens, you will notice a navigation bar on the left side. The items listed in the bar are the areas that you will be measured on by the indicator.  At the end, a report will be displayed which you can use to help you prepare to be successful as a distance-learning student.