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ENGL 2122

ENGL 2122: British Literature II

Do I need to take British Literature I before this class? No. The I and II in literature courses are a designation of the time period the class covers. This course will cover the late 1700’s to modern day.

Course Description

Since it is impossible to cover all Romantic, Victorian and Modern British literature in a single semester, each instructor must “filter” the selections that are covered. We will read and write about monsters, ghosts, goblins, wizards, time travel and more. This period is one of rapid change from the old world order to a modern one, and many authors used sensational elements in their writing as they tried to make sense of the dizzying changes in science, technology and society that they were experiencing.

This period of British history is also a period of disenfranchisement. Many of the groups who built the powerful empire did so without a voice in government, without legal protections of any kind, and living in poverty. You’ll have the opportunity to chose one of these groups and follow their story and their literature from the 1700’s to modern day.

Victorian Factory



This web-based class will be delivered via D2L. The class will “meet” at least 2 times during the semester using Zoom, a video chat program free to GHC students. Multiple days and times as well as an alternate assignment will available for required meetings; students can choose which they prefer.

Required Materials

This course uses OER’s (open educational resources). These are free and available online, so no books need to be purchased.

Tentative Assignments

  • 2 or 3 Literary Analysis Essays (2-4 pages each)
  • Journal Club (short presentation of a scholarly journal article via Zoom or video)
  • Annotated Bibliography
  • Online Weekly Discussion

**The number and type of assignments in this list is subject to change.  This list is intended as a general guide only.**


Earning a C or better in ENGL 1102.