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2d Design Supply List



Supply List: 

Color-aid paper – Standard Set (4.5"x6")  (

         With shipping – about $54.00

Artist Pen

         Brush and/or Medium – $5 each

Rubber cement – paper cement

X-acto knife and blades – small works best

Bristol Board (or some form of rigid paper – Watercolor paper will work)

         11×14 is recommended – need at least 20 sheets

Pencils and erasers

A package of small brushes of differing size – around $8

Gouache or Acrylic paint – small tubes, if possible:        

         Raw Umber           

         Titanium White           

         Ivory Black           

1 paint stick or wooden ruler – will be painted on, so keep it cheap

12-inch metal ruler

palette (paper palettes are fine, but wood or glass are better)

palette knife

paper towels

container for water (old pasta sauce jars are nice) 

Portfolio or box to contain finished works