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Online Art Appreciation Students

Online Art Appreciation Students


This class is intended to be conducted entirely online.  All of the assignments, quizzes, and correspondence will be done through the course’s D2L website. 

There is no required textbok for this course.  I have worked to set up an open-source “textbook” within the D2L site, linking to free online material at sites like, Saylor Academy, Khan Academy, Web Gallery of Art, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art Heilbrunn timeline.

We will also make use of material from Galileo such as the Oxford Art Online and Films on Demand.

So you do not need to worry about purchasing or renting a texbook – we will be using these free materials.

The website will feature supplemental information created by me, which you will also need to study in preparation for tests and assignments.  A lot of the material will be presented in the form of short video clips, so your computer will need to be able to play video.  

 As many of you are familiar with D2L, the course orientations will not be mandatory, though they are encouraged.  I will set up one in Rome and one in Cartersville – I’ll will let you know the dates and times soon – they will most likely be during the second week of classes.  I will also post orientation instructions on our D2L site, so, again, you do not have to attend an orientation as long as you feel comfortable with using D2L.

Here are the instructions on how to access the site – Note:  this may not be available until the first day of class.  I have not set up any assignments for this first week, so please do not panic if you have trouble getting on right away.

1. To access D2L:
2. All first-time users obtain D2L credentials via the GHC ID Lookup page:
3. For additional login information:
4. GHC staff no longer manage password or user ID resets.
5. An online student tutorial is available, see: “Getting Started with D2L” guide.
6. 24/7 Online HELP is at: