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Color Theorists

Color Theorists
 Alhaeen/Philo
o observations of color | unidentifiable colors
 Aristotle
o Light rays from god
o Yellow light + blue light = green light
o Linear Sequence of color
 Leonardo
o Interested in color as a painter
o hesitated to include green (because green can be mixed
 Newton
o Demonstrated color as a product of light
o Color wheel
 Moses Harris
o Book explains Newton’s principles
 Goethe
o Multitude of colors created from Primary
o Sensation of color shaped by perception
o Misinterpreted some experiments & rejected Newton
 Runge
o The color sphere [complete world of color from primary]
 Chevreul
o described visual phenomenon – how color should best be used
 Ogden Rood
o Extensive research into optics
 Purity, Luminosity, Hue