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The Bishop Observatory

observatoryThe facility consists of three areas: the observatory building houses Georgia Highlands College’s largest telescopes; the student viewing area allows students to work in groups using smaller telescopes; and the main building contains a classroom, computers hooked up to the Internet, storage area for equipment, and restrooms.

Observatory Building:

Houses a 16 inch Meade LX 200 Telescope
Houses a 12 inch Newtonian Telescope
Has a rolling roof, which protects telescopes when not in use.
Is equipped with red lighting, which preserves night vision.

Student Viewing Area:

Has six permanently mounted piers to simplify alignment of student telescopes.
Has a special mount, which has been designed to be more accessible to viewer with disabilities and children.
Is surrounded by a wooden fence to reduce light levels near the horizon.

Main Building:

Houses a classroom that allows indoor exercises to be performed in the event of rain or clouds.
Has computers containing astronomy software and hooked to the Internet.
Classroom is equipped with red lighting to allow students to become “dark adapted” before venturing into the night.
Has storage adjacent to student viewing area and observatory building.
Has a restroom facility.

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