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Student Resources

Registration Preparation

The registration process for each semester can be confusing, but we are here to help!


  • Planning for course registration keeps you on track for graduation and helps to give you the best choice of classes and class times. You should review your DegreeWorks/SCORECard to determine what requirements are left for graduation and then discuss these courses with your academic advisor. It is in your best interest to enroll in classes as soon as registration opens.
  • Not sure how to use DegreeWorks/SCORECard? View the video below to learn how to use this tool:
Video Tutorial: How to Use DegreeWorks/SCORECard (coming soon)


  • If you and your advisor created an academic plan together (a recommended sequence of completing your courses), you can access this plan in your Navigate. Once you login with your email credentials, click on the PLANNER tab at the top, and then once it loads, the right-hand column is your academic plan. Note: make sure to use the Desktop version of Navigate in order to access the Planner functionality.
  • Not sure how to use Navigate to access your academic plan? View the video below to learn how to use this tool:
Video Tutorial: How to Access Your Academic Plan in Navigate

Program Pathway Checklists

  • Advising also provides program pathway checklists, a paper (PDF) version of degree course requirements and the recommended milestones for your specific degree. It also has a sample map on the right-hand column, which is a recommended sequence of completing the courses. You will notice that the semesters are packed. The sample map is for students who have the goal of completing their degree in four semesters and who are able to take a heavy course load. Every student is different, so please remember it is a SAMPLE map.
Before moving forward in registering for classes, make sure to view the Course Planning instructions above to learn how to access your degree requirements.
View our step-by-step registration instructions

Did you try and register for classes but then found out you have a hold on your account?

  • Make sure to view your specific holds in your SCORE account. When you log into your SCORE account, click on Student Services, and then Student Records, and then View Holds.
  • Refer to the Registration Hold Reference to see how you can resolve your holds or what department you may need to contact about your hold
  • Always check the official academic calendar for specific dates about when a semester begins/ends, holidays/breaks, when registration for an upcoming semester opens/closes, the last day to withdrawal, when grades are posted, graduation ceremony, etc.

    Current payment deadlines can be found on your schedule/bill and are also posted by the Business office.

    If you have taken an Advanced Placement exam, you may be exempt from taking a corresponding course(s) or granted college credit for your degree here at GHC.
    View AP Test Scores
    The College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) gives you the opportunity to take exams in order to obtain college level credit. Before you register for a CLEP exam, we recommend discussing this with your advisor to determine how the credit(s) apply to your specific pathway. The following chart lists the CLEP subject exams recognized by GHC:
    View CLEP Test Scores


    Ready to Graduate?

    Are you close to completing your associate’s degree with GHC and want to know what’s the next step?

    Planning your move to a four-year college doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Visit the transfer advising page to view more information on how to make that transition easier, such as contact information for transfer admissions counselors, our annual Next Step Fair, when colleges schedule campus visits, and more.
    Transfer Advising
    This resource is helpful to see how a course may transfer to another college, especially if you are unsure of a college's specific course coding. To view our transfer equivalency system, click on the link below, but we also recommend looking at your transfer college’s transfer equivalency system.
    GHC's Transfer Equivalency System

    Graduation is processed through the Registrar’s office, but your advisor can also assist you with how this process works. There is also a graduation checklist with the Registrar’s office that walks you through the degree requirements as well as completing the graduation application.
    More Information about Graduation

  • Are you having to transfer before completing your associate’s degree? Then we recommend looking into the Reverse Transfer process.
  • This is a process where academic credits completed at a four-year college are transferred back to GHC in order to satisfy associate's degree requirements.
  • It is value added to your education! Earning that associate’s degree is a marketable credential to add to your resume and an important milestone in your education.