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The Navigate platform combines predictive analytics and communication tools for academic advising and tutoring, ultimately to improve retention and graduation rates by identifying areas of additional support needed for students to complete their degrees and suggest roadmaps to a degree based on their academic strengths and past successes. Navigate includes a mobile app for students, as well as a desktop version. Students will be able to exercise greater control of their academic experience with the long-term objective of increasing both graduation and retention rates for students. Navigate is also intended to become a more centralized advising platform with the desktop version offering features that will enable you to interface with students, especially those who may be academically struggling, in more meaningful ways.

Know When Important Milestones are Coming Up: From attending orientation to preparing for finals, now there is a clear timeline of what you need to do. Within each task, Navigate connects you to the links and resources you need to get things done.

Learn How to Get the Most Out of College: Navigate provides all the steps to start college on the right path. Get handy tips and tutorials on everything from getting involved in student organizations to paying for college.

Connect to the Support You Need – Faster: Have questions or run into a problem? Navigate’s appointment scheduler gets you face to face with the people who can help. Best of all, the appointments sync onto your phone’s calendar.