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GHC’s SCOREcard is a DegreeWorks web-based academic advising, transfer articulation, and degree audit program that helps students and advisors see at a glance what is needed for program completion.  It is not to replace advisors and does not provide an official transcript or graduation audit.  When used in conjunction with advising, SCOREcard can help make sure you stick to your graduation or transfer plan.

SCOREcard is available to all GHC students.  It will show you your program requirements, courses taken, courses currently being taken, assessment tests, transfer credits and even lets you see what will happen with your completed courses if you change programs.

You will need your GHC ID number and Pin number to log in.  Follow these steps to see how SCOREcard can keep you on track for degree completion!

  1. Log into SCORE

  2. Click on Student Services

  3. Click on SCORE Card

  4. Click Evaluate My Status


See an academic advisor or email

Click here for more information on what SCOREcard can do for you and how to use it.