Disability Access

The Right to Access and the Opportunity for Success
Students with disabilities are entitled to non-discrimination and reasonable accommodations. SSS provides accessible programs, services, and reasonable accommodations for any student with a documented, qualifying disability as defined by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, and by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.
The Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Acts of 1990 mandate that educational institutions provide students with disabilities the necessary accommodations to ensure equal access to all academic and co-curricular programs and services. For more information visit the ADA website.

Requesting Accommodations

Forms can be printed or returned as an email attachment. Submit the completed form and current documentation of the disability via:

Email disabilityaccess@highlands.edu
Mail GHC – Floyd Campus
Student Support Services
3175 Cedartown Highway
Rome, GA 30161

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Requesting Course Accommodations

Step 1

Complete the Intake Request Form. You may complete this form at any point once you have been accepted for admission to GHC. Ideally, you should submit your request for services at least 4 weeks before the semester you will begin classes. Registering later in the semester can delay implementation of your accommodations.

Step 2

Obtain current documentation of the disability following the Documentation Guidelines as outlined by the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia.

Step 3

Submit the completed Intake Request Form, and current documentation of the disability to the email or mailing address (found on this page).

Step 4

Allow time for Disability Access to review all information. Consultation with appropriate entities may be necessary to determine eligibility and appropriate accommodations. You will be contacted once your information is reviewed and provided with further instructions regarding the next steps to completing your registration with Disability Access.

Step 5

Respond in a timely manner to Disability Access follow-up about the request for accommodations. The follow-up could include a request for additional information or scheduling an appointment to discuss accommodations.

Step 6

Work with Disability Access, faculty and staff to complete the steps required to arrange for your accommodations.

Requesting Standardized Testing Accommodations

Step 1

Complete the Pre-Admission Registration Form. Requesting accommodations requires at least a two-week notice. Less time may not guarantee accommodations for your test date.

Step 2

Obtain current documentation of the disability following the Documentation Guidelines as outlined by the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia. See Disability Access Forms page.

Step 3

Submit the completed Pre-Admission Registration Form, and current documentation of the disability to disabilityaccess@highlands.edu. You will be contacted once your information is reviewed and provided with further instructions to arrange for the test.

Disability Access FAQs

All services for students with disabilities are on an individual basis, this ensures a student’s specific disability needs will be accommodated reasonably and successfully. It is the student’s responsibility to self-identify in Student Support Services and provide documentation of their disability to Student Support Services very early in their admission/acceptance process. Confidentiality will be maintained. It will be necessary to make an appointment with Disability Access to evaluate a student’s needs and to become oriented with the services and accommodations provided according to a student’s documentation.

Yes, since accommodations are based on your personal documentation and an interactive process with the student, an appointment is necessary to allow time to discuss your situation and provide time for the appropriate forms to be completed.

Students enrolled in a USG school are eligible to be tested through the Regents Center for Learning Disorders at Georgia State University for a fee. Contact Disability Access for information on testing through the RCLD. Testing can also be conducted by a private Psychologist or Psychiatrist if they follow the BOR criteria found here: Documentation Guidelines.

Instructors do NOT provide accommodations for students with disabilities unless a student has followed the procedures for self-identifying and providing qualifying documentation to Student Support Services. Once a student is approved for accommodations, Student Support Services will provide the student with an Accommodation Letter to take to their instructors.

Testing Accommodations are approved by Student Support Services, but administered by the faculty. Please discuss possible arrangements with your instructor. Instructors may proctor their own tests and provide extended time. GHC Testing Centers proctor exams with accommodations. See the Accommodated Testing webpage for scheduling and proctoring information.

Student Support Services or the GHC main offices should allow volunteer student notetakers to make copies of their notes in the office. Neither the notetaker nor the student should be charged for the copies. The notetaker can deliver the copies to the campus Student Support Services office.

All concerns about accommodations should be discussed with  Disability Access.