Faculty/Staff Outreach and Consultation

Our staff is available to present workshops/seminars for campus organizations/groups, and to classes. Topics generally range from personal growth issues, academic performance enhancement, stress management, to career development and job search related areas. Programs may take a variety of forms such as: classroom presentations, workshops for organizations/groups, and/or co-sponsorship of an event open to the campus community.

Counselors are also available for consultation with faculty and staff of GHC who are concerned about specific situations or individuals, or about their own needs.

Many students initially seek assistance from Faculty or Staff, since you are often the people they interact with most on campus. That makes your role crucial in identifying and helping students find available resources. Expressing your concern and listening are very important things you can do.  However, knowing when and how to make referrals is an essential role you play in helping students regain the balance they need to cope and get back on track.

Student Support Services staff are happy to talk with you about your concerns and provide resources and referrals for students

Behavioral Clues that may suggest a student could be in distress:

  • Excessive procrastination and poorly prepared work
  • Infrequent class attendance; excessive tardiness
  • Marked changes in personal hygiene or dress
  • Repeated requests for special consideration or accommodations
  • Inability to stay awake in class or difficulty concentrating
  • Social withdrawal or inability to interact with others
  • Disruptive, aggressive, or threatening behavior
  • Expressed or written work with reference to self harm
  • Bizarre behavior that is inappropriate for the situation