General Guidelines

Old Red Kimono encourages GHC students, alumni, and other artists to send their work to the staff of the Old Red Kimono. Please contact Jacob Sullins or the Old Red Kimono staff for information.

Creative Writing

You can include as many stories or poems as you like, but please make sure you include your name on each page of your submission, and always title your work.

Art & Photography

We prefer to evaluate and photograph the actual artwork, but, in some circumstances, we understand that you may only be able to submit photographs. If you submit photographs of your work, make sure they are clear, high-resolution images that are appropriately cropped.

Only GHC faculty, staff, alumni, and retiree submissions are currently encouraged to submit art!

Submission Guidelines

  1. Old Red Kimono accepts original artwork, poems, and short stories. Plagiarism, whether accidental or purposeful, is unacceptable. Please send 3-5 poems or short stories under 2,000 words according to the guidelines below. Only students, faculty, and staff may submit artwork at this time.
  2. Simultaneous submissions are acceptable, as long as writers notify us immediately in the event of publication elsewhere.
  3. Emailed submissions should be sent as attachments in Microsoft Word format, or the poems or stories should be copied and pasted in the body of an email.
  4. Each submission should be accompanied by a cover letter with the writer's name(s), mailing address, and email address; these items should be printed on each page of the submission as well.
  5. Work sent via snail mail must be accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope if you expect a response. Only decisions will be mailed. We never make comments on your work. Manuscripts will be recycled.
  6. Submissions from GHC students, faculty, and staff are accepted throughout the academic year; submissions from outside contributors are reviewed from October through February. The deadline for submission to the Spring 2023 issue of Old Red Kimono is February 20, 2023, but submissions received after this date will be considered until space has been filled.
  7. Old Red Kimono pays in copies. Contributors receive two copies. Additional copies may be purchased for $3 each.

Student Editors:

April Cole
Marah Morris

Faculty Sponsor:

Jacob Sullins
English Professor