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Common Georgia Highlands College Terms

Academic Advisor – a professional staff or faculty member who helps a student develop a meaningful educational plan, set academic and career goals, and helps a student succeed academically and personally.

Add/Drop – A period of time at the beginning of a term whereby students can delete and add classes

Award Letter – official letter from the financial aid office of the college that lists all of the financial aid for which the student is eligible

Banner/SCORE – an online computer program that is used by students to sign up for classes, check grades, view holds, and perform degree audits

Bolt – the name of the GHC mascot

Bursar – Handles billing and accounts receivable for tuition and fees

Catalog – an official publication giving information about the college’s academic programs, course descriptions, facilities, entrance requirements, and student life

Charger – a horse that is also the GHC mascot

Charger Card – your student’s personal college photo identification card

Charger Orientation – a process designed to help prepare new incoming students for their first year at GHC by providing connections and access to resources that will help with adjusting and becoming familiar with the college community

Commencement – Commencement is the formal name of the graduation ceremony held each May

Common Theme – a series of purposeful academic, cultural, and social programming designed to promote in and out of the classroom learning

Core Curriculum – broadly based educational experiences that defines a liberal arts education that all students have to complete regardless of pathway

D2L – an online learning management system used to support all courses at GHC

DegreeWorks – a tracking system that shows a student’s progress toward his or her degree

Expected Family Contribution (EFC) – the dollar amount that is based on earnings, assets, family size and the number of family members in college and that a family is expected to pay toward their student’s educational costs

Fee Payment Deadline – the date in which all financial aid should be processed or tuition and fees should be paid by in order to ensure a student’s schedule will not be dropped for non-payment

FAFSA – Acronym for Free Application for Federal Student Aid, which is a document issued by the US Government to determine eligibility for student loans and grants

FERPA – Acronym for Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, which is a federal law that protects the privacy of student educational records

First Generation College Student – a term used to describe students who are the first in their immediate family to complete a college degree

First Year Experience (FYE) – a program designed to help students with the transition from pre-college experiences and through their first year; at GHC FYE consists of orientation, extended orientation, common theme, and special topics courses

Full-Time – full time students must be enrolled in 12 or more credits hours each semester; it is recommended that students take at least 30 credit hours in their first year to be on track for graduation

GHC411 Ticketing System – a system where students and guests can submit a question, concern, or request 24 hours a day

GPA – Acronym for Grade Point Average and is the calculation of students’ overall grade average on a 4-point scale

HUB – a central location for enrollment management services, similar to a one-stop-shop

MyGHC – coming soon

Navigate – coming soon

Nelnet Payment Plan – students can make college more affordable by paying for tuition and fees over time with a payment plan through Nelnet

Non-Traditional Student – the University System of Georgia defines a non-traditional student as a student who is 24-years or older

Pathway – a student’s concentrated field of study, also known as a major or a program of study

Pre-Requisite – a class that must be taken before students are permitted to take the next course in a sequence

Quest for Success – GHC’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) that places academic advising at the forefront of student’s academic and personal success

Registrar – college official responsible for creating and maintaining permanent academic records, student files, and official transcripts

Registration – the process of becoming officially enrolled in classes for the semester

Schedule/Bill – a list of the classes that a student has registered for, as well as an itemized list of charges for tuition and fees and authorized financial aid

Semester –  a semester is one half of the academic year and is divided into Fall and Spring; some classes are offered during shorter terms in the Summer

Student Code of Conduct & Academy Integrity Code – a guide that outlines the behaviors and actions that are prohibited and the procedures for adjudicating them

Syllabus – an outline or overview of the course, including requirements, objectives, textbook information, and contact information that is distributed by the instructor at the beginning of the course

Transcript – the official record of a student’s academic experience and includes a list of all courses attempted and the grade earned in each

Tuition & Fees – the amount of money charged for instruction and

Turnitin – an anti-plagiarism website that some instructors use to encourage academic honesty

Verification – the review process in which the financial aid administrator requests documentation from the family to verify the accuracy of the data on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Withdrawal – when an enrolled student ceases attending certain courses after the drop deadline and before the withdrawal period ends