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Student Technology at GHC

Learning technology related jargon, juggling multiple accounts, and accessing different systems can be a bit confusing at first, but you’ll get the hang of things in no time. Hopefully, this flyer will help you get off to a good start with technology at GHC!Your accounts will be created as soon as you are admitted at GHC, which means you can access them well before the first day of class. We recommend you start by exploring your new Office 365 account (see below). This account gives you instant access to your GHC email (our official means of communicating with you), and all the major Microsoft Office products such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Did you know? An amazing benefit of having an Office 365 account is that you may also download and install Microsoft Office on up to five of your own personal devices like Windows and Mac laptops, smartphones, and most tablets.

Where to Begin:

  • First, you need to know your user account credentials. You can find your user name and initial password at the bottom of your schedule/bill and also at GHC ID Lookup.
  • When prompted enter the required information. This will give you your GHC ID as well as your GHC user name and INITIAL password for several of your GHC accounts:
  • Your GHC Network Account is used to log into student computers on campus, your student email, and the GHC-Chargers Wi-Fi network. We encourage you to change your password, but remember after you change your password, this initial password will no longer work. When you change your network account password, your Wi-Fi and Office 365 accounts automatically sync to this new password. Please note, your D2L account password is independent from your network account.

SCORE is used for many activities such as registration, schedules, parking permits, course offerings, and more.

  • Log into your SCORE account with your 9-digit GHC ID and your initial PIN. Your PIN is your 6-digit birthdate (MMDDYY).

Wi-Fi (GHC-Chargers) is available if you would like to bring your own device(s) to campus. You can access our student Wi-Fi (GHC-Chargers) using your GHC network account. Most laptops require manual configuration before connecting (view configuration instructions). Wi-Fi connectivity at our Marietta campus is different. Click here for instructions for Marietta Wi-Fi.

D2L is the online learning management system for all your GHC classes. It is highly recommended that you familiarize yourself with using D2L once your first semester begins and your account is activated.

  • Did you know? Your user name and password for D2L is the exact same as your GHC Network account.
  • It can take up to 48 hours (M-F) for a course to appear in D2L after you register for the course in SCORE.
  • Any dropped courses will continue show in your D2L account until the instructor removes you from their roll.
  • First-time users must go through the “Getting Started” information.

Office 365 is a cloud-based solution from Microsoft that provides access to Office applications (Mail, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) and data storage (OneDrive) over the Internet. You can access your Office 365 account by going to, then sign in with your full email address and password. For example, if your GHC user name is abentl1, your GHC email address will be

  • We strongly encourage you to use Office365 Mail often since this is our official means of communicating with you. If you prefer, you can set up GHC email on your phone by adding it as an Exchange/ActiveSync email account with the following information:
  • Username – your full GHC email address:
  • Password – your initial password (unless you changed it)
  • Server –

Changing Passwords: You can change your password while logged onto a GHC computer by pressing the Control+Alt+Delete keys, and then selecting Change Password or by contacting IT at or 706 295-6775 or coming by your local IT office. Please note your new password will need to be at least 12 characters long.
Password Change is coming to MyGHC Student Portal soon!

Pharos Print Management System allows you to print from a GHC computer while on campus. Simply select the printer you wish to send your print job, then swipe your GHC ID at that printer’s release station, and select your print job to print. Black & white printing is 10 cents per page and color printing is 25 cents per page. The Data Card Office places $5 worth of Pharos printing on your GHC ID card each semester. If you need additional funds added, you can load more money on your card at one of the GHC kiosks located in different locations on each campus.

Emergency Weather Alerts
To receive the emergency weather alerts via SMS Text message, make sure your Cell Phone is on record under Student Records in SCORE.

Required quiz for online classes. We urge you to take this brief quiz before registering for classes even if you are not planning to take any online classes, so you can learn about them.