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Academic Dishonesty Resolution Checklist

Welcome and Introductions
Briefly explain process (discussion and hearing)
Describe facilitators role
Explain goal of discussion
Review possible outcomes on agreement form
Explain student’s right of rescission
Describe confidentiality of discussion
Answer questions


Assure balanced dialogue
Clarify statements made by parties


Have both parties fill in the information and sign agreement form
When applicable, be specific in recording sanction (who/what/where/when)
Make copies of form for both parties
Explain students right of rescission
Remind both parties of confidentiality of the discussion (off limits at a hearing)
Answer any questions or refer parties to Student Life Coordinator (706-295-6363)
Thank each party for participating
Return form/file to the Student Life Coordinator


Principles for facilitation

1.     Ensure accuracy of parties’ understanding of AIP

2.     Commitment to confidentiality

3.     Provide opportunity for both parties to discuss the matter

4.     Enhance the education of the college community about integrity and honesty

5.     Maintain neutrality