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Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate

  • The Faculty Senate typically meets on the second Friday of the month from 9am-11am via the video-conferencing equipment on each campus. Meeting times are subject to change and additional meetings are sometimes called. The Senate does not typically meet in person during June and July, but is able to do so, and remains in contact electronically during those months.
  • The Faculty Senate welcomes GHC faculty members and other interested GHC parties to observe Senate meetings. Guests at Senate meetings do not have voting privileges.
  • Anyone may request that the Senate add an item to the agenda by emailing the Senate President no later than 72 hours prior to the start of the meeting. We can discuss the item on your behalf, you can make a presentation, or you can solicit feedback on an issue. Although the Senate President will consider all requests, some items may be referred to other College committees or delayed until future Senate meetings.

Important Information

2022-2023 Senate Leadership (starting August 1, 2022)

  • President – Kim Subacz
  • Vice President – Sharryse Henderson
  • Secretary – Tara Suswal
  • Parliamentarian – Oris Guillaume

Faculty Senators 2022-2023

School of Business and Professional Studies

  • Vincent Manatsa
  • Jay Pickern
  • Oris Guillaume
  • Tara Suswal
  • Annette Maddox
  • Andy Borg *PT

School of Health Sciences

  • Angelynn Riaz
  • Tera Phillips
  • Bethany Blevins
  • Kimberly Roberts
  • Amanda McFarland *PT

School of Humanities

  • Julia Reidy
  • Cindy Wheeler
  • Amy Gandolfi
  • Danny Bellinger
  • Michelle Abbott
  • Carrie Thompson *PT


  • Susanna Smith

School of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

  • Sharryse Henderson
  • Kim Subacz
  • Ejiro Ogaga
  • Zac Johnston
  • Banhi Nandi

School of Social Sciences and Education

  • Scott Akemon
  • Karen Huggin
  • Kencho Tenzin
  • Josh Stovall
  • David Hensley
  • Lauren Hardman *PT