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Quest for Success Action Team

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The QEP Action Team has assumed responsibility for GHC’s Quest for Success. This task force will lead GHC’s efforts to implement, assess, and document the QEP.

The Action Team is made up of the following membership: QEP Coordinator, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) Representative, Academic Success Center Representative, Advising Representative, Faculty Advising Specialists, Faculty Representatives, Retention Representative, IT Representative, Student Affairs Representative, MarCom Representative, Planning Accreditation, Assessment, and Research (PAAR) Representative, Faculty Senate Representative, Student Government Association (SGA) Liaison, and the Dean of PAAR. The Action Team will be divided into a smaller group of sub-team leaders, who will act as a cabinet for the QEP Coordinator.

The QEP Action Team can be emailed at

QEP Action Team Responsibilities

  • Establish four sub-teams and identify the members
  • Hold monthly sub-team meetings (more when needed)
  • Review QEP budget intermittently and provide recommendations to the QEP Coordinator
  • Relay monthly status reports/updates to organizational units represented by each team member (more often when needed)
  • Publish minutes for all full team and sub-team meetings, which will be taken by a Sub-team Team Leader and/or his or her designee. Minutes will be archived in a publicly accessible location to be determined by the QEP Coordinator
  • Publish a monthly QEP newsletter for distribution via email to all faculty and staff

QEP Sub-teams

Marketing/Website Sub-team

  • Design and produce internal and external marketing of the the QEP
  • Maintain QEP Website
  • Develop a plan for communicating QEP updates, success stories, special recognition, etc. to faculty, staff, and students (may utilize existing modes of communication such as  GHC Inform, social media, and/or Flush Flash, and may involve development of new modes)
  • Share revisions and additions of all marketing plans with the QEP Action Team regularly

Training Sub-team

  • Design a comprehensive advisor training program for faculty and staff, including an incentive program to encourage continued participation beyond minimal training requirements
  • Schedule guest speakers
  • Determine NACADA conference participants each year
  • Gather feedback from faculty and staff advisors on training needs and opportunities
  • Communicate training requirements to the  QEP Action Team, and to faculty, academic deans, academic advisors, and the Director of Academic Success

Assessment Sub-team

  • Revise assessment strategies, as needed
  • Track and analyze:
    • student participation in the pre-participation survey, career inventory, exit survey, and Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionnaire
    • student completion rates for the resource plan and utilization of identified/recommended resources
    • graduation rates, retention rates, time to completion, and excess hours outside of degree requirements
  • Communicate results of data analysis and suggestions for use of those results to the QEP Action Team regularly

Technology Sub-team (Navigate)

  • Coordinate:
    • the implementation of Navigate
    • with the Training Sub-team regarding Navigate training for faculty and staff
    • with the Marketing/Website Sub-team to market Navigate to faculty, staff, and students
  • Be the liaison between EAB and relevant college stakeholders during the design and implementation of the system, and throughout the life of the Navigate contract
  • Provide implementation updates to the QEP Action Team regularly