Eligibility Requirements:

Eligible students must have already completed at least 12 regular course hours here at GHC before the semester begins and have a 3.5 or higher GPA to be invited to join PTK.


Membership is by invitation only. Invitations will be emailed to student emails at the beginning of each semester and are only valid for the semester they are given.

Benefits of membership:

Prestige, Scholarships, Leadership-Service-Fellowship Opportunities, Graduation Regalia, Business Discounts, Publishing Opportunities.
Official PTK Benefits Page

How to Accept Membership:

You must accept your membership online via the PTK headquarters’ website:
There will be a one-time only membership fee.
There are a few membership fee scholarship opportunities: contact

New Member Induction Information:

Fall 2021 New Member Induction: Friday, November 19, 2021 at 7:00pm via Zoom
Contact for further information

Free Online Courseware

Online Self-Paced Professional Development Edge Courses (Healthcare Edge, Employment Edge, Transfer Edge, Competitive Edge, Research Edge:

Get Published:

Nota Bene Literary Journal

GHC Honors Program:

As PTK members, you should qualify for the GHC Honors Program. While you are not required to join the GHC Honors Program, there are many benefits.
For further information: