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Credit by Examination

There are a number of ways to earn credit through examinations:

CLEP:  The College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) is sponsored by the College Board.  Study materials and examinations may be purchased directly from CLEP’s website at a minimal cost.  Although the exams are sponsored by College Board, GHC awards the credit.  We currently accept 19 examinations and the complete list, along with scores, can be found here.

AP Credit:  Like CLEP exams, Advanced Placement (AP) credit is also sponsored by College Board.  AP courses are college-level courses and are available to high school students.  If a student takes an AP class, they may choose to also take the AP exam.  Students are required to have an official score report sent from College Board in order to receive AP credit.  Credit is not awarded based upon high school or college transcripts.

Departmental Examinations:  Students may challenge certain courses by taking an examination (currently Spanish and math courses).  Credit, indicated by a grade of K, will be awarded for passing the exam.  GHC does not guarantee transferability of K grades.

For math exemption exams, students must meet ACT or SAT score criteria in addition to high school mathematics requirements.   For more information or to schedule a math exemption exam, please contact or 678-872-8070.

Students interested in the Spanish exemption exam should contact

International Baccalaureate:  GHC currently accepts seven IB courses, primarily from math and English.  More information can be found here.