Get Vaccinated
& Charge Ahead!

$100 or $1000 vaccine incentive awards now available at GHC

Georgia Highlands College has allocated approximately $100,800 of HEERF III Institutional funds to create a vaccine incentive program for students, faculty, and staff. GHC students, faculty and staff who recently received their COVID-19 vaccine are eligible for $100. Then all vaccinated members of the GHC community are additionally eligible for a $1000 award. Fill out one of the two forms below to receive $100 and/or enter for a chance to be awarded $1000.

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What is GHC’s Vaccination Incentive Plan?
Georgia Highlands College continues to recognize the high COVID-19 transmission rates in the state of Georgia, and the impacts this presents to the GHC community. To encourage faculty, staff, and students who can get vaccinated to do so, GHC intends to allocate approximately $100,800 of HEERF III Institutional funds to create a vaccine incentive program.
Am I eligible for the $100 vaccine incentive?
This incentive program will provide a $100 payment to any GHC faculty, staff or student who receives a COVID-19 vaccine from September 15, 2021 through December 6, 2021. This incentive is only for individuals who were not fully vaccinated prior to September 15, 2021. Individuals must receive their final dose before January 14, 2022 to be eligible.
Am I eligible for the $1000 vaccine incentive award?
All students, faculty, and staff at GHC who are fully vaccinated at the time of the drawing are eligible.
How will the drawing for the $1000 vaccine incentive award work?
GHC will offer two drawings that all vaccinated members of our faculty, staff and student population would be eligible for. You must enter your name into this form to be eligible for the drawing for one of the 40 incentive awards of $1,000 each. The names of the first 20 winners will be drawn on December 14, 2021, with the remaining 20 drawn on January 26, 2022.
How will I receive my money?
Selected students will receive $1,000 added to their student account, and selected employees will receive a $1,000 stipend through the employee payroll process. Awards will follow all applicable IRS rules for taxation. Student awards will be processed through Banner and will not interfere with other financial aid assistance. Employee’s awards must be taxed appropriately through payroll. Winners will be required to validate their vaccination status upon notification they have been selected. GHC will confirm eligibility at time of providing incentives or when awarding the $1,000 prizes but will not maintain copies of vaccination cards or other records of vaccination.
Why is GHC providing a vaccine incentive?
Our geographical area is comprised of a population that is approximately 39.6% vaccinated. To determine funding estimates, our goal is to get 50% of the unvaccinated population to take advantage of this incentive program.
How do I get the COVID-19 vaccine?
GHC will have an upcoming vaccination event on December 3 starting at 10AM on the Cartersville site. If you would like to participate, please click here and complete this form as soon as possible. Additional information on vaccines and where to get your COVID-19 vaccine can be found at
How will I be contacted if I win?
GHC will contact you via your GHC email account. Follow the instructions in the email to claim your prize.
How many times can I enter?
Only one entry per person is allowed. If there are multiple entries from an individual, duplicate entries will be removed and only one entry will count.