GHC Stylebook

The way an organization presents itself reflects its values, personality and traditions. That’s why logos, word marks and other symbols representing the college must be used in a consistent, professional manner. They convey and enhance brand position and visual identity. While the Marketing & Communications department creates all materials for external use, it also tries to review printed pieces that are produced for internal purposes. The GHC Stylebook provides specifications regarding logo and word mark usage, colors and copy guidelines.

The GHC Stylebook is currently being updated to include standards for usage of the new logo shown below. Please contact the Marketing & Communications office at 706-295-6366 or email with questions regarding branding guidelines.

Below, the downloadable PDF logos are provided.  Those requiring other formats such as PNG (compressed format with transparent background), EPS (vector format) or JPG (compressed format for web usage) should contact the Marketing & Communications office.

Click on logo below to download. If you need the logo reversed or need to place it on anything other than a white background, please contact for assistance.


New GHC Logo