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Department of Kinesiology and Wellness

students playing tennis


Lisa Jellum, Coordinator

Jonathan Howard
Althea Moser
Angelyn Ryaz
Jason Hitzeman

Support Staff:

Lorrie Rainey, Administrative Assistant

T. David Mathis, Lab Coordinator

Graduation Requirement (effective Fall Semester 2003)

In order to complete the Associate Degree requirements, students must complete institutional requirements in Physical Education including PHED 1010 and two additional elective hours in physical education. It is recommended a related course be taken which will further extend the students’ knowledge and integration of a wellness lifestyle. These related courses include PHED 1100, PHED 1120, and PHED 1130. However, any elective hours will fulfill the graduation requirement


PHED 1010 Concepts of Fitness and Health
PHED 1020 CPR and First Aid
PHED 1100 Personal Fitness
PHED 1120 Weight Training for Men and Women
PHED 1130 Fitness Walking
PHED 1210 Beginning Golf
PHED 1211 Intermediate Golf
PHED 1230 Beginning Tennis (fall)
PHED 1231 Intermediate Tennis (fall)
PHED 1321 Volleyball
PHED 1420 Beginning Snow Skiing (spring)
PHED 1421 Intermediate Snow Skiing (spring)
PHED 2202 Principles of Human Nutrition (spring and summer)