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Wireless Android

Wi-Fi Configuration – Android

Note: These screenshots are from an Android tablet, but the process will work the same way on most Android devices.

1. Locate the Settings App on your device’s Home screen or in the App launcher.

2a. Make sure Wi-Fi is set to On
2b. Under the Wi-Fi settings select GHC-Student for students, GHC-Marconi for faculty/staff.


3. Configure the following settings:

EAP method: PEAP

Phase 2 authentication: MSCHAPV2 (Most Android devices leave this setting blank by default)

Identity: Enter your GHC Network ID here (found on your GHC ID Lookup)

Anonymous Identity: (leave this blank)

Password: Enter your network password here

4. Click Connect.

You should now be connected! Still having problems? Contact Us!