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Micro schedule and handouts

Week of   TOPIC 
21-Aug NO Labs NO Labs
28-Aug Introduction/   Orientation  Sterile Technique, Bacterial Transfers
Use of Compound Microscope
Classification of Common Bacteria 
4-Sep Labor day NO LABS! Observation of Growth Patterns   
Streak Plate Technique       
11-Sep Gram Staining  Gram Staining Cont.
18-Sep Acid Fast Stainning Acid Fast Stainning Cont.
25-Sep Lab Skills Test Lab Skills pt 2
2-Oct Observing Metabolic Activity of Microorganisms   Observe Results
9-Oct Milk Microbiology Observe Results
16-Oct Physical Agents of Microbial Control Observe Results
23-Oct Disnfectant and antibiotic testing   

 Chemical control of microbial growth

Observe Results
30-Oct Use of Selective and Differential Media Observe Results
6-Nov Normal Flora and Opportunistic pathogens Observe Results
13-Nov Catalase and Coagulase tests

Read and discuss results

Lab Written Exam