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GHC Student Guide to D2L

Student Guide to D2L

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As a student at Georgua Highlands College, you will hear the terms Desire2Learn D2L, Brighspace, GeorgiaView, and GoView. So, what are all these? Find out on about these Different Systems.

If this is your first semester at GHC, we recommend that you work from the top down and read all of the information provided in the lists that follow. If you are a returning student, you may go to the section that contains the information you need now.

What Information do you need to log in?

How to log in to your GHC D2L course.

How to log in to your eCore or eMajor course.

How to log in to you eCore course.

How to log in to your eMajor course.

My Home and D2L System Level Information

Select the “About” or “How To” link to learn about that topic.

  1. About the GHC My Home page
  2. How to adjust your Personal Settings
  3. How to find your courses

Course Level Information

Select the “How do I” link to learn more about that topic.

  1. How do I find the course Content and class policies (Syllabus)?
  2. How do I take a quiz, test, or exam?
  3. How do I find and submit an Assignment?
  4. How do I read and post in Discussions?
  5. How do I see feedback on Quizzes, Assignment, or Discussions?
  6. How do I see my Grades in a course?
  7. How do I see my Class Progress?
  8. How do I use the Calendar?
  9. How do I use email or Instant Messages?

Products Integrated into D2L

Getting Help

At Georgia Highlands College, our administrators, faculty, and staff are here to help you learn and assist you with all of the many things associated with “college life”.  Below you will find links to GHC services and help information.