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Future Online Students

Considering an online class?

Today’s students have many demands on their time:  work, family obligations, community involvement, and more.  At GHC, we want to make sure that you have every tool necessary to benefit from the convenience of an online class, but to be successful as well. Georgia ONmyLINE offers a self-assessment tool through Smarter Measure.  Take the assessment and see how ready you are!

Please use the navigation links provided in this section to find out more information on how to apply and take classes at GHC.

Affordable Online Options at Georgia Highlands College

Distance Learning Fee. Unlike many institutions, Georgia Highlands does not charge an additional layer of tuition per credit hour for online classes, Instead, a $25 fee is imposed for each course (not credit hour) taken online.  Courses conducted via eClassroom (web-based conferencing) and listed as Web-based are the ones for which the Distance Learning Fee is added.

Regular tuition and fees at Georgia Highlands are shown here:


These fees do not include the cost of textbooks or other instructional materials which are purchased through the bookstore.

Open Educational Resources. Georgia Highlands has embraced the goals of Affordable Learning Georgia, an initiative designed to convert courses to use open educational resources (OERs).  Compared with traditional textbooks, many OERs are free online or low-cost if printed copies are desired.

The eLearning division assists GHC instructors who are redesigning courses via OER grants from Affordable Learning Georgia.  In addition, the division provides stipends for developers of online courses to help with the cost of converting them to OERs.  Once converted, these online courses provide a lower total cost than courses not using open resources.

GHC’s RN to BSN Online Completion Program was recently identified as second among the 30 most affordable online RN-BSN degree programs in the nation published by Great Value Colleges.

Financial Aid

Financial aid covers eLearning courses as well as face-to-face ones.  A variety of financial aid packages are available and more information can be found at


The Georgia Highlands College Foundation has a variety of scholarships available for GHC students.  Click here for more information.

Final Consideration: Ready Access to a Computer and/or Mobile Device and the Internet

Although GHC’s online students are not required to have computers or mobile devices at home or access to the Internet, these facilities make participating easier and increase the likelihood of success.  Students can take online classes and do the work for them at the college if their schedules permit.  However, many students need to work on academic tasks outside the business hours of the college, due to work or family requirements, and the cost of ensuring adequate access may require some planning.