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eClassroom Guide to Collaborate Ultra

Some of GHC’s eClassroom classes are running on a new version of Blackboard Collaborate called “Blackboard Collaborate with the Ultra Experience” or “Collaborate Ultra” for short.  Eventually all eClassroom classes will use this version.

Best Browser for Collaborate Ultra

Collaborate Ultra works best with the Chrome browser.  It will work in other browsers (like Firefox or Internet Explorer) but some features may be missing.  Use Chrome if you can.

Collaborate Ultra is also available via mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.  A section about that appears at the end of this web page.

Using Collaborate Ultra from a Laptop or Classroom Computer

Get Started User Guide

For Participants: Students in eClassrooms, online courses, or attending faculty/staff meetings.

For Moderators: Faculty or staff running the session

Practice Room for Collaborate Ultra

Use the link below to start a session with Collaborate Ultra (copy and paste it into a Chrome browser if needed):

You can set up your microphone and speakers, and try out features.

To exit the sesson, click on this icon at the upper left of the screen  menu icon  and use Leave Session.

Collaborate Ultra via Mobile Devices

The instructions below explain how to get the Bb Student app from Blackboard to run Collaborate Ultra on a mobile device.

Remember to use “Join Collaborate without signing in” when accessing a GHC class via the Bb Student app.

Apple Device Quick Guide

Android Device Quick Guide

Collaborate in Bb Student