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Current Online Students

What classes are offered online? How do I find them?

Online classes are offered every semester in a variety of areas: English, business, psychology, art, criminal justice, education, history, political science, and more. The full list can be found at GHC Online Courses. Also, since the selection will vary from semester to semester, be sure to check back at key registration times for availability. We also offer eCore  and eMajor classes, which are classes taught in partnership with the University System of Georgia (USG).  eCore and eMajor classes are available to all currently enrolled Georgia Highlands students. Click here for information on getting started with eCore.

How do I register for an online class?

  1. Go to the GHC homepage, click on SCORE
  2. Under Public Access, click on Course Offerings
  3. From the drop-down, select the semester along with any other criteria (course name, day offered, etc). For the most options, leave all of the defaults except for semester and campus (be sure to select the accurate semester for which you are looking)
  4. For Campus: For Course taught by GHC faculty, select GHC Online, HYBRID or eClassroom.  Select eCore or eMajor for courses taught by faculty throughout the USG.
  5. Under each course is a brief note listing the professor’s contact information, course information, and important details such as orientation or on-campus requirements / dates.  EVERY COURSE IS DIFFERENT SO PLEASE READ THE NOTES CAREFULLY!

I’ve registered for an online course–what happens next?

The professor will either send out an announcement (via your GHC email address) to every person enrolled in the online course or post an welcome announcement within the D2L course site. Some courses may require an in-person orientation while others may opt for an online orientation or none at all.  If you have questions about how to start any course, contact the instructor of that course.  Your instructor’s name and email address are located on your schedule/bill.  You can also use the GHC Employee Directory to find contact information for your instructor(s).