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Nursing Online Courses

NURS 1000: Introduction to Nursing

1-0-1. Prerequisite: none

This course provides an introduction into the culture of professional nursing and covers historical and contemporary social influences on nursing and health care systems.  Emphasis is on the internalization of nursing core values including caring, communication, informatics, evidence-based practice, quality improvement, advocacy, and accountability.  The ANA Code of Ethics and the Nurse Practice Act are used to introduce legal parameters governing professional nursing practice. Students will explore the domains of nurse, client, health, and environment.

NURS 1002: Pharmacology

2-0-2. Prerequisites: Admission to ASN program
Co-requisites: BIOL 2121K, BIOL 2122K, BIOL 2161K, MATH 1001 or MATH 1111

This course provides an introduction to nursing pharmacology to build a foundation for safe administration of drug therapy to clients.  The course emphasizes the concepts of physiology, pathophysiology, and chemistry.  Discussion of the major drug groups focuses on therapeutic indications, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, contraindications, adverse effects, clinically important drug-drug interactions, and healthcare provider considerations, focusing on client care and teaching.  Procedures for safe, effective medication administration and clinical calculations are studied. Lifespan considerations, evidence for best practice, client safety, and critical thinking are integrated throughout the course.

NURS 1152: Clinical Calculation

2-0-2. Prerequisite: none

This course is an introduction to the three systems of measurements – metric, apothecaries and household systems – that are commonly used in the preparation and administration of drugs and solutions. Conversions of equivalents within and between the systems will be emphasized. Students should be familiar with basic mathematical concepts. This course is designed to help nursing students and practicing nurses apply mathematical concepts to the area of drugs and solutions.

NURS 3300: Ethical Issues in Nursing

3-0-3. Prerequisite: Admission to the RN-BSN Program

In this online elective, current models for ethical decision-making are explored and applied in the analysis of selected ethical problems in nursing practice. The student is encouraged to examine and clarify personal and professional values. The relationships between nursing and health care issues are explored from both an ethical and legal perspective.

NURS 3301: Concepts of Professional Nursing

3-0-3. Pre or co-requisite:  Admission to the RN-BSN program

This online course provides an introduction to professional nursing and an overview of the roles and concepts essential to make the transition from RN to BSN practice. This course will build on the RNs knowledge base and is designed to help the nurse identify his/her role in contemporary healthcare.

NURS 3302: Health Assessment

4-0-4. Prerequisite: Admission to the RN-BSN Program

This online course emphasizes skills needed to conduct a comprehensive physical assessment and health history to assess and validate the health status across the lifespan of an individual by recognizing and evaluating normal findings and common deviations associated with specific disease presentations.

NURS 3303: Issues & Nursing Perspectives

3-0-3. Prerequisites:  Admission to the RN-BSN Program

This online course explores the historical, current and future trends in nursing and healthcare and applies current models for ethical decision-making in the analysis of selected problems in nursing practice. The relationships between nursing, health care, and global issues are explored.

NURS 3304: Foundations Nursing Research

3-0-3. Pre- or co-requisites: NURS 3301, MATH 2200

This online course provides an introduction to the research process and its application to scholarship and clinical practice.  Students learn to be consumers of research through reviewing the literature, appraising research, and identifying methods appropriate to study specific practice–related problems.  Emphasis is placed on evidence-based practice, and quality improvement.

NURS 3306: Healthcare in Diverse Cultures

1-6-3. Prerequisites: Admission to the RN-BSN Program or second year status in the ASN program.

This elective course explores beliefs, practices, and traditions pertaining to cultural diversity,   healing traditions, and effects on the health care of individuals with different ethnic backgrounds. The course promotes increased awareness of the dimensions and complexities involved in caring for people from diverse cultural backgrounds. Students have the opportunity to observe, study, and participate in healthcare and other cultural/social experiences with a selected population at a local, state or international site.

NURS 4402: Leadership and Management

3-0-3. Prerequisite: NURS 3301, 3302, 3303, 3304

This online course provides an overview of concepts of professional leadership and management and their use in the practice setting.  Emphasis is placed on organizational structure, management, and the roles of healthcare providers and coordinators.

NURS 4403: Capstone Project

3-0-3. Prerequisites: NURS 3301, 3302, 3303, 3304, 4401 and 4402

This online course focuses on the practical application of research with an emphasis on quality improvement and evidence-based practice through the development, implementation, and analysis of a capstone project.

NURS 4404: Clinical Leadership Practicum

3-3-4. Prerequisites: NURS 3301, 3302, 3303, 3304, and 4402

This practicum experience focuses on application of skills and exploration of leadership roles within healthcare settings.  A leadership or management preceptorship will be used to facilitate student application of course content.  This practicum is individualized and negotiated between the student, preceptor, and nursing faculty.

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