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Kinesiology and Wellness Online Courses

PHED 1010: Concepts of Fitness and Health

1-2-2. Co-requisite: none

An interdisciplinary course designed to instruct the student in ways to maintain or improve quality of life. The concepts of fitness and health, personal empowerment and behavior modification are explored.

PHED 1020: Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and First Aid

1-2-2. Co-requisite: none

A study of knowledge and techniques of first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation; American Heart Association certification in cardiopulmonary resuscitation received upon successful completion of certification requirements. Fee required.

Required for graduation in selected programs; elective in other programs/pathways.

PHED 1120: Weight Training/ Men & Women

1-2-2. Preferred pre or co-requisite: PHED 1010

This course is an extension of related information gained in PHED 1010 and provides further integration of a wellness lifestyle. An individualized weight training routine is designed based on fitness assessment. Periodic evaluation of progress is included. Emphasis is on safe, effective resistance training. This course includes a workout segment.

PHED 2201: Principles of Human Nutrition

1-2-2. Prerequisites: none

This course includes basic information regarding normal human nutrition including study of six nutrient classifications.  The course looks at various nutritional evaluation procedures in addition to the study of nutrients as they affect human anatomy and physiology. Nutrient intake, weight management and nutritional needs for active lifestyles are included.

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Faculty contact and other information can be found on the Department of Kinesiology and Wellness page.