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Dental Hygiene Online Courses

Note: Acceptance into GHC’s BSDH program is required to take these courses.

DHYG 4010:  Special Populations

3-0-3 Prerequisite: Admission to the RDH-BSDH Program

This course provides students the opportunity to pursue in-depth patient populations of special interest.  Topics may include ethics and professional responsibility, inequities in health care delivery, and health care legislation.

DHYG 4030: Foundations of Research

3-0-3 Prerequisite: MATH 2200 Elementary Statistics and Admission to the RDH-BSDH Program

This course provides an introduction to the research process and its application to scholarship and clinical practice.  Students learn to be consumers of research through reviewing the literature, critiquing research, and identifying methods appropriate to study specific practice–related problems.  Emphasis is placed on critical thinking, evidence-based practice, and quality improvement.

DHYG 4050:  Healthcare Education

3-0-3 Prerequisite: Admission to the RDH-BSDH Program

This course provides a study of the principles of teaching as they apply to health care settings. Emphasis will be placed on the fundamentals of teaching including the development and presentation of health information. Students will explore various ways in which effective instructional skills may contribute to a career in dental hygiene. Learning experiences are designed to enable the student to develop these skills and to project their application to such areas as public school systems, community health programs, higher education, continuing education, and consumer education.

DHYG 4080: Internship

1-6-3 Prerequisite: DHYG 3090, 4030,

This internship experience provides students the opportunity to engage in fieldwork utilizing one or more of the roles of the dental hygienist.  Fieldwork may include: management, marketing, education and/or leadership in associations, government, public health, and/or clinical practice.

DHYG 4090: Capstone

3-0-3 Prerequisite: DHYG 3090, 4030

This course is designed to assist the student to develop a basic research/EBP project that could be used to improve DH practice within a wide variety of healthcare settings. This course provides opportunities to explore diverse roles of dental hygienists in the health care system, seek advanced knowledge and skills necessary to participate in these roles, and focus their interest in their chosen professional role through teaching, service-learning, observation, hands-on experience and most critically, self-directed learning. Students will analyze, synthesize, and develop solutions to oral healthcare issues. Students will choose a relevant topic in dental hygiene and use an interdisciplinary approach to seek solutions. This course is to be taken during the last semester of the program. The capstone is a student-focused course with mentorship provided by the course instructors.

DHYG 4092: Healthcare Informatics & Tech

3-0-3 Prerequisite: Admission to the RDH-BSDH Program

This course explores the field of informatics and technology in healthcare. Students will have an enhanced understanding of how information systems and technology influence healthcare. Health information regulations, standards and ethical considerations will be emphasized. The course also examines the current and emerging use of technologies such as telemedicine/dentistry, the electronic medical record, computer physician/prescriber order entry systems, and simulation.

DHYG 4093:  Clinical Teaching

3-0-3 Prerequisite: Admission to RDH-BSDH Program

This course provides students the basic tools and skills that are necessary for clinical teaching instruction.  Emphasis is placed on cognitive and psychomotor skill development and analysis; assessment, evaluation, and feedback techniques; and remediation of performance concerns.  Teaching skills, accreditation standards, effective communication, and faculty calibration are stressed

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