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Biology Online Courses

BIOL 1010K: Foundations of Biology

3-3-4. Prerequisites: None

BIOL 1010K constitutes the required core course for a seven to eight semester-hour laboratory science sequence. Topics to be covered include the chemical basis of cells, general cell biology and genetics, respiration and photosynthesis, patterns of inheritance, natural selection and speciation and an introduction to the major kingdoms of life. The laboratory component provides hands-on experience in analysis and evaluation of biological processes. This course provides a foundation for the non-science pathway in the skills of inquiry, data collection, and critical thinking while introducing the student to the basic concepts of the life sciences. Students receive credit toward graduation for only one of the following courses: BIOL 1010K, BIOL 1011K. Laboratory Fee

*NOTE: Credit for this course is not granted for students with credit in BIOL 2107K.

BIOL 1020: Plants, Society & Environment

3-0-3. Prerequisites: None

This course explores the basic structure and function of plants; how they reproduce; their evolution and adaptation to unique ecosystems; the process of domesticating plants; and the sociocultural, economic, scientific and medical impacts of domesticating plants. This course is designed for non-science majors.

BIOL 2190: Principles of Nutrition

3-0-3. Prerequisite: None

This course covers the fundamental principles of human nutrition from a biological perspective. Included will be the study of the major nutrient classes, nutrition and related diseases, role of major nutrients, consumer concerns about food, and the requirements of various stress groups.

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Faculty contact and other information can be found on the Division of Biological Sciences page.


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