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GHC Online Courses

About the eLearning Course Descriptions

Course description links for courses offered online (GHC Online) by Georgia Highlands College are presented below.  On each page, you will find a list of the GHC online courses offered in that subject area, GHC contact information, and, if any, a list of the eCore courses available.  Be aware that

  1. Course offerings are subject to change; please check current semester availability.
  2. The official GHC course descriptions are those presented in the most current GHC Catalog. Course descriptions are subject to change and presented here as a convenience. In the event a description on the links below is different from that of the GHC Catalog, the Catalog take shall precedence.
GHC Catalog 2022-2023

What does each course listing contain?

  1. Course Abbreviation, course number: Course name. For example, READ 1101: Principles of Reading
  2. The number of “lecture” hours per week; the number of laboratory hours per week; the number of credit hours earned in the course. For example, 3-0-3 denotes three hours of lecture per week, no laboratory, and three hours of credit.
  3. Prerequisite: Courses or requirements the must be completed before you can register for the course. Co-requisite: Courses or requirements that must be taken along with the course.
  4. The course description which is an overview of the course.