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eCore – short for electronic core-curriculum – in conjunction with GHC online Area F courses, allows students the opportunity to complete their first two years of their collegiate careers in an online environment.. eCore courses are taught entirely online.  However, some courses may require one or more testing-center proctored exams, some of which may require a fee. eCore courses are designed, developed, taught and supported by faculty and staff from the University System of Georgia (USG).

eCore is a convenient and adaptable option for either getting started in college or for resuming college after a break or pause. The core curriculum  primarily consists of courses required during the first two years of college for a given degree. Not all core curriculum classes are available via eCore; you may need to take some core classes in a traditional classroom setting.

Student support services, including enrollment counseling, bookstore, library services, tutoring, test proctoring and disability services are coordinated through the eCore Administration.

Please visit the eCore / GHC-specific website for more information!

Note: your GHC ID number will be required in order to submit the eCore Quiz. If you are unsure of your GHC ID number, please click here to obtain your GHC ID before starting the quiz.

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