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Considering an online class?

Today’s students have many demands on their time:  work, family obligations, community involvement, and more.  At GHC, we want to make sure that you have every tool necessary to benefit from the convenience of an online class, but to be successful as well.  The GHC Academic Success page is where you can find a collection of some key resources we think you may find helpful.

What classes are offered online?  How do I find them?

Online classes are offered every semester in a variety of areas:  English, business, psychology, art, criminal justice, education, history, political science, and more. The full list can be found at GHC Online Courses.  Also, since the selection will vary from semester to semester, be sure to check back at key registration times for availability.  We also offer eCore classes, which are classes  taught in partnership with the University System of Georgia.  eCore classes are available to all currently enrolled Georgia Highlands students.  Click here for information on getting started with eCore.