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Georgia Highlands Dental Hygiene Clinic

Patient Information

At Georgia Highlands Dental Hygiene School, we train Dental Hygienists. We do not offer services for procedures that only dentists perform such as extractions, fillings, dentures, etc. All the work done in our clinic is performed by the students, supervised by our faculty. Since students are learning, it will take multiple appointments to complete a cleaning.

Treatments and Fees
Treatment Fee
Dental Prophylaxis (without Re-Evaluation) includes exam, x-rays, and fluoride treatment
Dental Cleaning Adult (age 13 and up) $65.00
Dental Cleaning Child $35.00
Partially Edentulous (Adults with <7 teeth) $35.00
Fully Edentulous (Full Dentures) $35.00
Gingivitis Treatment (with 4–8-week Re-Evaluation)
Therapeutic Scaling for Gingivitis $75.00
Periodontal Therapy (with 4–8-week Re-Evaluation)
Periodontal debridement/NSPT (7 or more teeth present) $95.00
Periodontal debridement/NSPT (<7 teeth present) $75.00
Sealants (per tooth) $15.00
Child Sealant Exam including Bitewing x-rays $35.00
Adult Sealant Exam including Bitewing x-rays $50.00
Diagnostic Services
X-Rays Only $50.00
Additional intra-oral imaging or Panoramic imaging in same semester $15.00

Call our office to make an appointment: (706) 295-6760

Address:  Heritage Hall Campus 415 E. Third Avenue Rome, Georgia 30161.