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Mission and Goals

Dental Hygiene Program Mission Statement

The Mission of the Georgia Highlands College Dental Hygiene Program is to provide a quality, student focused education toward the Associate of Science degree.   Graduates are competent to provide educational and therapeutic dental hygiene services in a professional, compassionate and ethical manner. Graduates are prepared  to generate public trust, work within the dental profession and are committed to life-long learning. All aspects of the program are continually assessed to provide on-going  excellence and to guide improvement.

Georgia Highlands College Dental Hygiene Goals 

  1. Provide a quality educational program which meets the standards of the Commission on Dental Accreditation and reflects relevant and current dental hygiene practice.
  2. Prepare a qualified dental hygienist who is competent to practice legally in the state of Georgia.
  3. To provide an academic basis which facilitates articulation with other educational programs and from which graduates may progress toward additional academic advancement.
  4. Provide quality patient care for our patient population.
  5. Participate in activities to maintain a pool of qualified applicants.
  6. Encourage student and faculty participation in community service initiatives.
  7. Encourage student and faculty participation in professional activities.
  8. Maintain a knowledgeable and productive faculty and staff through a continuous environment of professional development.