Credit/Prior Learning

Credit/Prior Learning

Any student enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice who has successfully completed any of the below listed Georgia POST course(s) will be able to receive corresponding college course credit at no additional cost.


 Georgia POST Course(s) Credit for GHC Course(s)
Basic Law Enforcement Officer Training
  • CRJU 1100 – Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • CRJU 2100 – Introduction to Law Enforcement
  • CRJU 3100 – Criminal Law
  • CRJU 3110 – Criminal Procedures
  • CRJU 3500 – Criminal Investigations
  • CRJU 3501 – Criminal Investigations II
Cumulative 40 hours of drug, alcohol, gang and related training CRJU 3350 – Drugs in America
Supervision Level 1 CRJU 3600 – Criminal Justice Administration
Supervision Level 2 CRJU 3710 – Special Topics – Public Safety Leadership
Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training – 40 hour CRJU 3710 – Special Topics – Crisis Intervention
ALERRT Active Shooter plus GNESA Sexual Assault or cumulative 40 hours of directly related training CRJU 3810 – Victimology
Cumulative 40 hours of use of force, community policing, cultural diversity, police discretion, evidence-based policing and related training CRJU 4600 – Police Problems and Practices
Cumulative 40 hours of ethics, diversity, bias, and related training CRJU 4700 – Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice

*Potential credit can also be given for Physical Education and CPR/First Aid training completed.

*Potential credit can also be given for approved federal law enforcement training completed, this does not include military training (currently under review).

*For students who would like more information on how to receive Credit for Prior Learning that is not eligible for Georgia POST credit, please click for more information.