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Students will be required to participate in an internship during their last semester in the BBA program. Students are permitted to locate their own internship or choose from a list of internships that will be provided.

1. Intern defined

Undergraduate student who seeks to work for an organization in hopes of receiving hands on training in an area of interest relating to the chosen field of study.

2. Purpose of the BBA internship program

To provide a temporary hands-on learning experience that allows students to gain knowledge and on-the-job training in the area of study. The knowledge and practical skills acquired through an internship can be added to a resume as “experience” and may serve as a plus when seeking future employment.

3. Length, Time, Academic Requirements of the Internship

The internship must be, at minimum, 150 hours for the semester. The hour total applies regardless of the semester in which the student enrolls in the Internships course. It is highly recommended that internships be performed during Fall or Spring to limit the number of hours worked per week. The total # of hours are divided by the # of weeks in the semester to arrive at an approximate weekly average (Fall & Spring semesters 150/15=10 hours per week). Please note that this represents the minimum number of hours that must be completed while the maximum hour per week can be up to 20 hours.