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Students will be required to participate in an internship during their last semester in the BBA program. Students are permitted to locate their own internship, use their current job, or receive placement from a list of internships that will be provided by GHC.



All internships are advertised as “unpaid” as students will earn college credit that will count towards graduation. Internships are completed during Spring semester each year and will run from January through the first week of May. Student interns are pulled from the Bachelor of Business Administration in Healthcare Management program and the Bachelor of Business Administration in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Common internships include those related to non-clinical healthcare, logistics and supply chain, and general business administration internships.


  • Spring availability Students will take fewer face to face class options during their last (spring) semester in the program. This allotted time is designated for internship job performance.
  • Internship Agreement Form– Students will receive an Internship Agreement form during the first week of performance. This form must be completed by the employer/internship site and guarantees written permission for our student to intern at the assigned organization.
  • Performance Evaluations Forms– Internship supervisors will be asked for feedback on student performance throughout the semester. The internship is an actual class and students will earn a Pass or Fail grade based on performance criteria. The forms will be provided by GHC twice during the semester (mid-semester and end of semester). Internship supervisors are encouraged to provide additional feedback as often as they feel necessary.
  • Hours– Students are permitted to work a minimum of 10 hours per week up to a maximum of 20 hours. The minimum number of hours required for the course equals 150, but can exceed this number depending upon student schedule. Some students may have to coordinate their hours around class and other part time employment.
  • Site Visits– The internship instructor will conduct one site visit during the semester in an effort to follow up on student progress.
  • Learning Objectives Learning objectives will be provided to all internship organizations. Students will also review objectives during the first week of class.
  • Testing/Background Checks In some cases, students may be required to perform testing or background checks. Necessary testing will be coordinated with the internship site. There may be a small fee involved that may be the responsibility of the student.
  • Schedules Once a student is assigned placement, a day/time is arranged for the student to visit the site, do a meet and greet with the internship supervisor, and create a spring work schedule.
  • Placement – Students are notified of their assigned internship organization, internship title, and responsibilities prior to December 1st of each year.
  • Holiday Break – Students depart for Holiday break starting mid-December and do not return to campus for classes until the second week of January. Internship supervisors are encouraged to contact the BBA Program Coordinator or Internship Instructor in the event that they are in need of reaching their intern prior to the first week of spring classes.  The college does recognize spring holidays and ask that internship supervisors honor the spring holidays as well.