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Students will have the option to participate in an internship in their junior and senior years in the BBA program. Students are responsible for finding their own internship, either on their own or by checking the SBPS Job Posting Board. Students may use their current employer with permission from the professor. If students do not wish to do an internship, they may take the Capstone class instead to complete their graduation requirements.

  • Internships offer additional opportunities outside of earning credit.
  • 80% of internships lead to permanent employment for students.
  • Students may use their regular employer in addition to a traditional internship.
  • Both local and regional opportunities available.
  • Very high success rates amongst students and employers.

GHC Internship Program

COURSE OFFERING: The Internship course is BUSA 4100, and will be offered every semester in both the first and second 8-week sessions.

DURATION: Internships are for 8 weeks, for which students will earn 3 credit hours. A student may take the class a second time for an additional 3 credit hours to be used as an elective.

HOURS: Students are required to work a minimum of 10-15 hours per week at their internship.

PERFORMANCE EVALUATION & DELIVERABLES: Students will be required to do the following:

  • Submit employer information to the professor no later than the first day of class. This includes company name and address, supervisor name, title and contact information. The professor will get in touch with the employer during the first week of classes as an introduction and to establish contact.
  • Write bi-weekly reflections based on the instructions from the professor that will be given in the syllabus and D2L.
  • Internship supervisors will be asked to complete an evaluation form on student performance during the last week of the semester. In addition, site visits may be conducted at the professor’s discretion. Internship supervisors may provide feedback before that and as often as they deem necessary.

TESTING/BACKGROUND CHECKS: In some cases, students may be required to perform testing or background checks, which will be coordinated with the internship site. GHC will not be responsible for any fees involved.