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Tuition Classification and Waivers

Georgia Highlands College is required to determine the tuition classification for tuition payment purposes of all applicants or students of the College in accordance with BOR Policy 4.3.2 Student Residency.

A student is classified as a resident or a non-resident of Georgia for tuition purposes based on answers provided on the Georgia Highlands College admissions application. Your initial residency classification can be viewed in your Check Admissions Status. If your do not agree with your initial tuition classification, you can email to discuss options.

The responsibility for registering for classes under the correct classification is that of the student. If there is any question about the student’s right to in-state classification, it is the student’s obligation, prior to or at the time of matriculation, to clarify their classification with the tuition classification officer of the institution.

In order to be classified as an in-state student, applicants meet the following requirements:

  • For independent status, the student must have lived in Georgia at least 12 months prior to the start of classes.
  • For dependent status, the student’s parent(s) must have lived in Georgia at least 12 months prior to the start of classes.
  • Be a legal citizen of the U.S.
  • Be able to provide documentation that demonstrates the student or the student’s parents have lived in Georgia for at least 12 months prior to the start of classes. This may include federal and state tax documents, Georgia driver’s license, vehicle registration, mortgage or lease statement, voter’s registration card, and/or other state documents.


The deadline for submitting all residency documents is the last day of registration for the term in which you are requesting a residency change. Documents submitted after deadline will not be considered. Questions about residency can be sent to