Human Services

Joining Hands

Human Services is an applied social science field dedicated to empowering individuals and connecting them with community-based resources. Roles in the field include community outreach worker, psychiatric aide, teacher assistant, personal care aide, social service assistant, mental health aide, and more. 

The Human Services Program at Georgia Highlands College is a generalist degree in Human Services leading to an Associate of Science. Students wishing to continue their education may transfer many of their courses to bachelors degree programs throughout the University System of Georgia as well as at other four-year universities throughout the United States. However, with the completion of an Associate Degree, students may pursue jobs at various state, local, and private agencies and non-profit groups throughout their communities.

Student learning is enhanced by six credit hours of required fieldwork internship. GHC students seek placements in various settings under professional supervision. Fieldwork placements allow students to put into practice the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they have learned in the classroom and occasionally lead to a job in that setting.

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