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ENGL 2116: Creative Writing

A study of the craft of creative writing, emphasizing technical proficiency; modes of writing; methods of development; the elements of fiction, poetry, or drama; concepts of aesthetics; and submission procedures for publication.


ENGL 0999: Support for English Composition

This course is designed as a support to students taking English Composition I concurrently. Topics covered will be prerequisites to ENGL 1101, implemented on an as-needed basis and embedded in ENGL 1101 material. The course will focus on form and content in college-level composition, using research and analysis. Other topics include a practical grammar and punctuation review, with an emphasis on proofreading skills.

ENGL 1101: English Composition I

A composition course focusing on skills required for effective writing in a variety of con-
texts with emphasis on exposition, analysis, and argument. Also includes introductory
use of a variety of research skills.

ENGL 2111: World Literature I

A survey of important works of world literature from ancient times through the mid-sev-
enteenth century.