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eLearning Course Exams

NOTICE: Due to the need to social distance under the GHC and BOR guidelines, until further notice, GHC will not offer in-person proctored testing in our on-campus testings centers.

As a student at GHC, we want you to know that the method of testing in each GHC online course is determined by the instructor of that course section. Therefore, the first week of the course, you should read the course syllabus or policies to learn about the testing method that will be used. If you have questions about how testing will be done in any course, contact your instructor for guidance.

Academic Year 2020 – 2021 eLearning Testing Dates

These dates are for GHC Web-based and eClassroom courses.  Students must check the syllabus in each online or eClassroom course for more information about testing.

Fall 2020

Midterm Exam Period: October 5 to October 10, 2020

Final Exam Period: December 8 to December 14, 2020

Spring 2021

Midterm Exam Period: March 1 to March 6, 2021

Final Exam Period: May 4 to May 10, 2021

Summer 2021

Midterm Exam Period: June 29 to July 1 2021

Final Exam Period: July 29 to August 2, 2021

Students with Special Needs:

Students receiving accommodations based on the impact of a disability must coordinate proctored exams with the Disability Support staff. Please contact the campus Student Support Services office to make an appointment for a proctored exam with accommodations. For more information on accommodated testing, go to the GHC  Disability Assistance page.

Respondus LockDown Browser

Some instructors prefer that their students take tests using Respondus Lockdown Browser. Check your course syllabus, or with your instructor, to see that applies to your class. If it does, go to the Respondus LockDown Browser help and information page within the GHC D2L Student Guide.

eCore/eMajor Students:

eCore and eMajor midterm and final exam dates are different from those of GHC Online.  Students taking eCore courses must review the eCore Academic Calendar.  Student enrolled in eMajor courses must review the eMajor Academic Calendar.  There are specific proctoring requirements for exams in eCore and eMajor courses. If you are currently taking an eCore and/or eMajor course, please read the information at the links below.  You will need to scroll down on that page to view all the information and testing options.

eCore Proctored Exam Information page

eMajor Proctored Exam Information page

Normally, GHC testing centers at Cartersville and Rome offer test sessions for the state-wide eCore/eMajor programs.  However,  due to Covid-19, the GHC Testing Centers are closed until further notice.