Digital Media Services serves as the primary user support for all electronic digitally based education delivery and video services. The departments mission is rooted in the purpose of producing credited video college courses for electronic delivery to students while maintaining the quality of the educational experience. The department also supports the college’s electronic marketing efforts and various other digital media needs. Since 1994 the department has produced a total of 111 college-credit video based courses, totaling approximately 4,085 hours of academic productions.

Primary Duties

  • Record, edit and prepare lectures for various forms of eLearning delivery.
  • Provide assistance to professors relating to video requirements for various course supplemental needs.
  • Compress and upload electronic lectures and videos to various electronic platforms including the USG’s podcast server.
  • Duplicate and publish class lectures for DVD distribution.
  • Manage, staff and program GHTV.
  • Produce and provide programming for GHTV.
  • Manage various social media platforms
  • Assist various departments with video production.
  • Produce electronic news releases, video based marketing materials and provide digital photographic services.