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How many people are required for a team?

Teams can have one (1) to three (3) students.

Do team members have to be in the same degree pathway?

No.  Students are highly encouraged to form interdisciplinary teams.  Diversified teams bring different points of view and knowledge from a wide variety of subject areas.

Are teams required to attend workshops?

No, teams are not required to attend the workshops.  The workshops were designed to assist students in presenting their pitch to judges.  Does the possibility of winning go up after attending the workshops?  Absolutely!  The goal is to prepare students so they know what to expect.

Are visual aids required?

No, visual aids are not required, but they are encouraged.  Since the CIC is in a Zoom environment, a PowerPoint presentation will be a great way to convey your big idea.

How is COVID-19 affecting the CIC?

The 2021 Charger Innovation Challenge, to include all workshops, will be conducted on Zoom.  While this is not ideal, we want to ensure we are following all COVID-19 guidelines.